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Hi! My name is Kelli and I'm the face behind Clover Calligraphy & Press.

I first became interested in calligraphy when I was planning my wedding in 2017. I needed place cards, but I didn't have a printer, so I figured I could write them out myself. I bought some place cards and a brush pen from Joann Fabrics and wrote my guests' names in faux calligraphy. I thought nothing of it until my day of coordinator from Bee for the Day asked who wrote the cards out. When I explained I did, she suggested I look in to writing them for other people! That Christmas, my husband bought me a beginner's calligraphy set. I practiced until I opened my Etsy store in spring of 2019.



Fun Fact: Clover Calligraphy was named after

my sassy house bunny, Clover.

Since then, I've taken on all types of projects. I've discovered my areas of strength are pointed pen, hand engraving, mirror signage, and digitizing my script for spot calligraphy! I currently offer two script styles - modern and copperplate. Continuing education is important to me, so I'm constantly taking classes to learn new skills and styles. I've even acquired a letterpress and will offer letterpress printing mid to late 2022!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can create!

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