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Letterpress Samples & Digital Images

Are you a stationer, calligrapher, or designer who wants letterpress samples of your work, but don't want to order a high minimum?

We have teamed up with Marisa of Peterson Design & Photography to offer small runs of letterpress samples and images!

How Does It Work?

1. Submit your information below and upload your files. 

2. Kelli will review the files and make recommendations if needed (i.e. if you should add a small stroke, etc). You'll receive a quote and once payment is received up front, your plates will be ordered. 

3. 10 copies of each suite will be printed. Since these are, by design, smaller runs, printing will be batched twice a month. Suites will be printed the first and third Wednesday of each month. One copy will be mailed to Marisa to photograph, and the remaining 9 copies will be mailed back to you. These will be mailed by the Saturday following printing day. 

4. Marisa will style and photograph your suite(s) and deliver high resolutions images within 4 weeks.



Do you offer digital printing? What about foil?

At this time, we only offer letterpress printing and some die cutting.

What if I have envelope calligraphy or want to include digitally printed envelopes?

You can mail them to Kelli so she can package them up with your printed goods to mail to Marissa. 

Can you provide spot calligraphy for my invitation design?

Yes! Kelli can write modern script, copperplate, and a Spencerian style.

Do I need to send props for flat lay styling?

Nope! Marisa has lots of items to expertly style your goods.

Can you print more than just invitations? What about menus? Maps?

Sure! Just include that in your form and uploaded documents. Please note, A9 is the longest size we can print at this time.

How many colors can you print?

For this program, we can print up to two colors in addition to one tonal blind impression.

What type of pricing can I expect?

Pricing for letterpress printing starts at $150 per 1 color, 3 piece suite (220lb main A7 invite, 110lb A2 or smaller details & RSVP card). Photography pricing is $100 per suite. You will receive 5 - 20 images per suite, depending on the level of detail. Shipping & tax calculated on invoice.

Anything else I should know? AKA terms & conditions?

Please tag us whenever you post your images to social media! You must also agree not to alter the digital images at all (i.e. changing contrast, adding filters, etc). Lastly, Kelli and Marisa may keep copies to show as examples of work we have done! We may also decline a project if it includes anything offensive, homophobic, racist, is taking place on a plantation, copies another artist's work, violates copyright laws, etc. (please don't use Disney images because they are particularly protective of their artwork). If you use a poem, passage, or anything else that isn't original wording, it is your responsibility to make sure it is in the public domain.

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