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Custom vs. Semi Custom Wedding Invitations

There are so many options available when it comes to ordering wedding invitations. Here are a few:

  • Digital Templates

  • Semi Custom

  • Fully Custom

  • Paperless / Digital Invitations

Digital Templates

Templates are an easy and budget friendly way to order wedding invitations. After you place your order, a link is sent to you. The link will take you to a website like Corjl or Templett where you will edit the invitation yourself. After you've saved your design, you can then send it to a commercial printer (like Zazzle). I have a few templates available on Etsy.

Semi Custom Invitations

Semi Custom invitations combine the ease of a template with the feel of a fully custom experience. There's already a design created and you get to work with a stationer who will personalize it for you and handle printing. Every stationer is different regarding the amount of changes you can make.

Our semi custom collection is truly customizable. You can choose between cotton or handmade paper, pick your ink colors, envelope colors, envelope liner pattern, and font/calligraphy style!

photo of a wedding invite printed on handmade paper with a matching envelope
letterpress wedding invitation with calligraphy on handmade paper

Custom Invitations

Custom wedding invitations are a truly custom experience. You start by giving your stationer details such as your names, wedding date, wedding location, number of guests, and style / color preferences. Often, a mood board or Pinterest board is helpful. Your stationer will create a completely custom design that no one else has. You can also make requests such as mixing paper types, include a venue illustration, create a custom crest or monogram. Your stationer will usually work with different artists and vendors to bring your vision to life.

Paperless / Digital Invitations

As more people use technology and the internet as their main method of communication, digital invitations are increasingly popular. They operate in the same way as a digital template, but instead of sending the design to a printer, they are sent via email to your guests. This method assumes everyone on your guest list has access to the internet and is computer savvy.

wedding invitation printed on cotton paper next to an envelope
semi custom letterpress wedding invitation

These are the four main methods of sending invitations to guests! Which is your favorite?

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