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When should I mail my invitations?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Do you know how far in advance you should mail your wedding invitations?

wedding invitations

The general rule is 8 - 10 weeks; however, with supply chain issues and post office delays, it is now recommended to mail them 10 - 12 weeks before your wedding. That means you should start ordering invitations at least 4 months out - even further out if you're interested in a custom option or printing method that requires additional time (like letterpress or foil).

There is a balancing act to mailing out invitations. If you mail them too far in advance, people will forget they received them and may not fill out the RSVP until you hunt them down. If you don't give them enough time, they may not mail their RSVP in time for you to give your final count to other vendors such as the caterer.

Keep in mind you need to apply the correct amount of postage to your envelope to ensure your invites aren't returned. Mail pieces that weigh over 1 oz require more postage than a standard forever stamp.

if you're interested in vintage postage for your invitations, contact us!


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